Our Spring Green Farm Products

Organic Animal Fodder & Fresh Greens For Humans

Have you considered moving your livestock fodder options over to barley grass? As far as animal feed goes, barley grass is more nutritious than the grain – and increases the protein and fibre intake of your livestock. By feeding your animals organic barley grass from Spring Green Farm, you are improving the wellbeing of your livestock.






Securing Africa’s Food Future

Sustainable food production is not truly sustainable if the community themselves cannot grow their own food on an ongoing basis. Spring Green Farm has been changing the way rural and mining communities feed themselves with the use of dedicated Food Security Hubs.

Essentially, a Food Security Hub is a sustainable micro-farming business, run by the community themselves, that can employ up to 25 people. Community members can cultivate foods including:

  • Water
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Meat (chicken, beef, mutton, pork, etc).
  • Vegetables (cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, etc).

These foods can then be sold within the community at a fraction of the price of conventional food outlets.

Spring Green Farm will manage and support each Food Security Hub, ensuring profitability and that all staff are properly trained – remaining on board for a minimum of 5 years per hub. Our hubs vary from the SGF500 (can feed up to 500 people per day) to the SGF3000 (can feed up to 3000 people per day).
These are the agricultural challenges our Spring Green Farm Food Security Hubs overcome in rural communities:

  • Weather and drought
  • Infertile soil and soil erosion
  • Access to land
  • Access to water (a borehole is installed to ensure reliable clean water)
  • Electric power (We offer off-the-grid solutions through wind turbines and solar panels – backed up by a diesel generator)
  • Unemployment
  • Skills & know how
  • Funding