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With the rise of alternative farming solutions changing the shape of the agricultural industry, Spring Green Farm is making this a reality for African farmers. We offer alternative, sustainable live stock feed solutions – specialising in green sprouts for fodder and powder for feed supplement. We also supply already sprouting barley and wheatgrass seeds, urban farming equipment, fodder units (climate control rooms), and food security hubs. Find out more about our Spring Green Farm products and services by clicking on the button below!

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A Bit About Spring Green Farm

Spring Green Farm specializes in sprouting greens and fodder, dehydrated barley and wheatgrass powder, climate control rooms, livestock food security and food security hubs. Our passion for agriculture, engineering and dedication to sustainable feeding solutions for both livestock and humans alike, keep us on the forefront of alternative farming technology, so click on the button below to find out more about Spring Green Farm!

Spring Green Farm Gallery

We can talk for hours about our sustainable fodder solutions, but we’d rather let you have a look for yourself. Below are some images of our fresh, lush animal feeds and microgreen cultivation in action. Like what you see? Click on the button below to see more!